We at the CGS are proud of our Charitable Aims, over the 30 odd years that we have been running we have literally raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for charitable causes.

We work within a catchment are of a 50 mile radius of the M25 motorway.

As a rule we do not normally give money to other charities but prefer to support individual cases.

In the early days we would raise money for Chuckle Buses (Mini Buses) and in the latter years we have raised money to supply specially adapted trikes for children with mobility difficulties.

We have raised money for specialist car seats, mood lighting tubes for sensory rooms, electric wheel chairs, a voice computer system, recentlly we supplied funding for correctional treatment for a baby with an adnormal head shape.

The committee treat every case on it's merits.

You may ask how do we raise money, the answer is simple, we have many talented entertainers among our membership who enjoy golf so we simply put the two together and play in, as well as arrange, Charity Golf Days and Charity Shows.

If you are a member of a golf club that might be interested in holding a Charity Day in aid of the CGS, or a cause that we might be able to assist with, then please feel free to contact us for more details.

Miki Travis

Past Chairman